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Many organic coconut sugar products are marketed without a genuine organic claim label accompanying an organic product. Genuine organic coconut sugar has a legal organic label from a credible organic certification regulatory body. Organic coconut sugar-producing factories must meet the organic requirements according to existing regulations. Starting from preparing the land to sending organic coconut sugar to buyers, it must be by organic principles. So how can CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) become a trusted organic coconut sugar producer?

Organic Coconut Sugar Producer Certificate

As a producer of organic coconut sugar, CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has EU and USDA-NOP organic certificates from the Control Union. CV.Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa’s organic number is CU 847432. BASFOOD has a strong commitment to being able to provide quality organic coconut sugar for buyers from Europe and America. We started the coconut sugar organic system starting from the coconut plantation land. With the selection of unspoiled coconut plantations and their location far from today’s modern settlements. Fertile soil, abundant water sources, and good air quality make our coconut trees more productive.

Organizing education for coconut sap farmers
BASFOOD educates farmers not to use chemicals for soil fertility and coconut trees. In addition, we always advise not to use chemical fuels when processing coconut sap into liquid coconut sugar. We do this to improve the farmers’ economy through sustainable organic coconut sugar products. Because we have a good bond between coconut sap farmers and residents around the coconut plantations. As a concern for our work partners, we hold CSR activities to improve the welfare of residents. BASFOOD provides education about organicism and also supports the availability of agricultural tools to increase farmer productivity.

Maintaining the Predicate of Organism
Every year we renew our organic certificate against the organic regulator. At the same time, we still maintain our organic certificate after going through a long audit stage. Currently, we are preparing SNI and JAS organic certificates to develop our coconut sugar market. As a producer of organic Coconut Sugar, we will try our best to be closer to our customers.

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