Arenga Palm Sugar ManufacturerArenga Palm sugar is Indonesia's export commodity to foreign countries. Palm trees thrive in all parts of Indonesia. The palm tree (Arenga pinnata) is a versatile type of palm that produces various types of food and beverages.Many people use palm trees to make products with high economic value, such as for wood, biofiber, biopolymer, and biocomposite.

Palm sugar has a strong caramel taste and aroma, so many people like palm sugar as a substitute for cane sugar. They mix palm sugar into food and beverage recipes such as coffee, tea, milk tea, biscuits, and pastries. Many factories making brown sugar, biscuits, chocolate, and also home industries use palm sugar as one of the main raw materials. So that the demand for palm sugar that we export never stops for us to send regularly.

CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has become an exporter and supplier of Palm Sugar which is trusted to supply Arenga Palm Sugar. We use the best palm sap raw materials to make high-quality palm sugar. In addition, we also have a food safety management system in its processing. So that everyone can consume palm sugar safely. We guarantee the cleanliness and quality of our products because the priority of our customer satisfaction is a priority. We accept orders for Palm Sugar in bulk or with custom packaging for your business.

Even though we have high-quality products, we still offer lower prices than others. Because we are a palm sugar producer that has its own processing factory. For offers and detailed information about our products, please click here or call +6282134505737