Coconut Sugar for Cake
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As one of Indonesia's coconut sugar factory, CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa always try to produce high quality coconut sugar products and of course at very competitive prices. Not only producing coconut sugar, we are also a coconut sugar exporter.

We have organic coconut sugar and conventional coconut sugar (for conventional means without organic certificate). Our organic products are certified by USDA-NOP and EU, with the number is CU 847432. In addition, we have HALAL, Kosher and HACCP certificates.

In general, it is almost the same as organic coconut sugar. The raw materials used are 90% almost the same, it's just that all of these raw materials have not been certified organic even though they do not use chemicals. Conventional Coconut Sugar is the alternative choice for obtaining coconut sugar at a lower price than organic coco sugar. The benefits and nutrients contained in both of them can be said to be the same, even for the taste there is no significant difference.

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