Coconut Sugar Candy Supplier

High enthusiasm for the demand for Coconut Sugar makes us continue to monitor. So we made Coconut Sugar in a different form than the existing one. In addition to the form of granules and cubes, we also provide in the form of candy. We can call it bulk Coconut Sugar Candy. The idea of ​​​​making it arose because most people wanted a simple way to consume coconut sugar. We call it candy because coconut sugar is like candy in general, you can eat it directly, and can also be used as a sweetener in coffee, or other favorite drinks.

Coconut Sugar Factory

The texture/shape of coconut sugar candy is denser than cubed coconut sugar, making it not easy to melt so it has a longer shelf life. Certainly with a very compact, it will be easy to carry it everywhere. A unique way to enjoy coconut sugar is by using Coconut Sugar Candy as a natural sweetener. And it has a high content of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Not only that, but it also contains a low glycemic index which can help a diabetic diet within reasonable limits.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a reliable manufacturer & supplier of Coconut Sugar. Various companies around the world have entrusted their coconut sugar raw material needs to us. Ready to be your business partner to prepare it in bulk. Only the finest coconut sap we use to make high-quality bulk Coconut Sugar Candy. Of course, we also implement a food safety system in its processing. So that our products are suitable for consumption by all people around the world. We guarantee the cleanliness and quality of our products because our customer satisfaction is a priority.

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