Coconut Sugar is not only in powder form but also in liquid form. The thickened coconut sap will naturally solidify, thus forming a Coconut Sugar Block lump. The producers also print Coconut Sugar Blocks on containers made of bamboo stalks and coconut shells. Some people know him by the name of Mold Coconut Sugar. It has high natural properties. It is also what makes it have a strong taste and aroma. The nutritional content of Mold Coconut Sugar is the same as natural coconut sugar in general. However, Printed Coconut Sugar has a short shelf life, because it has a higher moisture content than powdered coconut sugar. Manufacturers of soy sauce, chocolate, etc. use Molded Coconut Sugar as a natural sweetener and colorant in their products.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a reliable supplier of Coconut Sugar. Various companies around the world have entrusted their coconut sugar raw material needs to us. Ready to be your business partner to supply large quantities of Coconut Sugar Mold. We accept orders for Mold Coconut Sugar in bulk or with custom packaging. We use the best raw material for coconut sap to make high-quality coconut sugar, and implement a food safety management system in its processing. So that our Coconut Sugar is suitable for consumption by everyone around the world. We guarantee the cleanliness and quality of our products because our customer satisfaction is a priority. Even though we have high-quality products, we still offer lower prices than others. Because we are a coconut sugar producer that has its own processing factory.

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