Diabetics sometimes find it difficult to diet to drink sugar every day. However, steps to keep the drink sweet can be done by replacing it with brown sugar from granulated sugar or juice.

General practitioner Dr. Sardjito Tri Widodo said, usually diabetics are always advised to consume artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. “There are many artificial sweetener products that don’t increase blood sugar levels, but choose a stream that is suitable for health,” he told Jogja Daily, recently.
Various artificial sweetener products can now be easily found on the market, both at household grocery stalls and pharmacies. Herbal practitioners said Satirah, diabetics need to pay attention to the ingredients included in the sweetener.

To be safe, you should adjust the selection of artificial sweeteners with recipes that understand the compound content in sweetening products. “If you want something natural, you can choose brown sugar to replace white sugar,” he said, in Sinduadi, Sleman.

Sugar water sweetener is indeed an alternative to white sugar. Besides being made from natural ingredients without preservatives, the sweet taste and content are also good for health.

The owner explained that sugar consumption in diabetics is safer than artificial sweeteners. Brown sugar or often also called palm sugar is very low in sugar.

According to Satirah, low sugar levels affect the slow absorption of glucose. This process makes the bodywork not forced to absorb sugar. “If the sugar content is absorbed slowly, it means that energy is not drained a lot and the body will be fitter and not easily suffocated,” he continued.

Even in the manufacture of brown sugar, the ingredients used are natural ingredients without any chemical mixture. Even though the ingredients are natural, they have good nutrition for the body. Brown sugar is known to contain elements that form antibodies and help produce energy. From old experience, brown sugar is also good for repairing digestive tissue.

With its natural ingredients, brown sugar is also appropriate for consumption by people with blood sugar. Because the sugar content is low and can still help the formation of energy. “Then I noticed that there were notes that controlling medication, and sugar consumption also helps lower bad cholesterol,” said the cupping therapy specialist.

According to Satirah, brown sugar made from the sap or palm sap is a natural sweetener alternative for diabetes. Moreover, consuming sugar does not cause side effects.

Source: http://www.solopos.com/2012/08/18/tips-herbal-gula-jawa-aman-bagi-penderita-diabetes-320162

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