One of the advantages of palm sugar is that the process of dissolving it into body fluids takes a long time (slowly). Therefore, Palm Sugar can provide energy for a longer period. In addition, riboflavin metabolism biologically launches and repairs cells so that stamina remains excellent. Consuming palm sugar in a coffee maker, as well as serving it every morning and evening, can help the body to stay fit and prime, and most importantly there are no side effects.

As a cure for canker sores.

Usually, there are three types experienced by hard workers. First; Busyness makes eating irregular / late as a result of ulcer disease easily attacks. Second; Prevent boredom and forget the pressure of work with lots of cigarette smoke, making it easy to catch a cough. third; The heavy workload often causes workers to experience fatigue, aches, and pains all over their bodies.

The three things above are common to hard workers, maybe they have happened to you too! When the ulcer recurs, the stomach feels sore, and it is forced to stop working. So if coughing recurs, sore throat is also embarrassing besides other colleagues right!? Now, here are the benefits and efficacy of palm sugar, then, feel the benefits after eating with regular palm sugar in the morning and evening, by drinking it as well as serving warm coffee. So that it can relieve stomach ulcers, as well as annoying coughs. Apart from that, the rheumatic pain in the body gradually disappears, and feels ready to work optimally.

According to Jeff Gunnent’s palm sugar;

In his book Plant Culture Perma (2004), One of the elements of palm sugar functions to control and cleanse the digestive tract, starting from the stomach and throat. Because it contains palm sugar Rebopflovin, which accelerates metabolism and improves intestinal function. Excellent cell stamina.

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