Sugar is often accused of being the culprit that causes obesity. Though not all sugar is bad. According to health practitioner and popular health writer Handrawan Nadesul, the biggest mistake people make today is choosing granulated sugar (cane sugar) over brown sugar (brown sugar/palm sugar/coconut sugar). “Sugar is refined sugar, just like wheat. Both carbohydrates are processed. It is proven that sugar and wheat are not healthier than brown sugar and wheat,” Handrawan wrote on the social networking site. The doctor who graduated from Atma Jaya Kedokteran University in Jakarta stated that all degenerative diseases are now emerging as a result of the world’s increasing consumption of sugar.

Meanwhile, different natural sugars are absorbed by the intestines, much more perfectly, than refined sugar. “This includes artificial sweeteners. Not all artificial sweeteners are healthy,” he explained. Even though almost all snacks use artificial sweeteners, some have even been banned because they trigger cancer (carcinogens). In addition to increasing the incidence of degenerative diseases, consume more sugar, and refined sugar which is bound to proteins in the body to form AGEs (advanced glycosylated end products).

AGEs attach to body cells and make cells age quickly while lowering immunity. “Once again, whatever the reason, it is healthier if you choose a menu that is not processed but a natural menu. Not donuts but boiled potatoes. No chips but boiled peanuts. Not milled rice but mashed rice. Not beefsteak but seasoned snapper. But problems always arise, because usually we are defeated by the delicious taste on the tongue, “said Handrawan at length. Handrawan added, people in the world ingest 9 kg of food additives (food additives) as preservatives, and flavoring dyes, which are not healthy for them every year in pursuit of pleasure on the 10 cm tongue. “So, support your choice, health is in your own hands. Colon cancer is now in the top ranking. Maybe it’s because of what factors we consume that triggers it, “said Handrawan.


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