Coconut sugar

Tips for Using Coconut Sugar

Tips for Using Coconut Sugar – Coconut sugar or coconut brown sugar is a natural sweetener produced from the juice of coconut flower stems (coconut sap). Like other natural sweeteners, coconut sugar has a sweet taste to add delicious taste to food and drinks. Because it is produced from the juice of coconut flower stems, this organic sugar has a distinctive coconut aroma and a hint of smoke. The aroma of smoke comes from the process of evaporating coconut sap which is roasted in the embers of a wood fire. Coconut sugar producers still maintain the traditional method of making coconut using conventional tools and fuel. They do not use modern equipment such as gas stoves or non-stick pans to cook coconut sugar.

When finished, coconut sugar comes in the form of liquid sugar, granulated sugar, and molded coconut sugar. Even though they both act as sweeteners, each type of coconut sugar has a different way of using it, especially molded coconut sugar. However, this does not reduce the enjoyment of the taste and aroma of food and drinks that use coconut sugar. Here’s how to use each type of coconut sugar.

Tips using coconut sugar - Benefits of Coconut Sugar

Using granulated coconut sugar

This sweetener has the form of coarse powdered granules like crystal sugar. Because its texture dissolves easily, this sugar is most suitable for sweetening drinks. Some baristas use crystal coconut sugar as a sweetener for Arabic and Robusta milk coffee. Apart from that, people in Europe use milk and coconut sugar to sweeten black tea. Just put 2 spoons (15-20g) of coconut sugar into a cup of warm or cold drink. To get the taste of black tea or coffee with a delicious taste and delicious coconut aroma.

Liquid Coconut Sugar

Liquid coconut sugar or coconut nectar syrup is liquid coconut sugar that has a high concentration. So this sugar is very thick but dissolves easily in hot and cold liquids. This sugar has a texture like honey, earning it the nickname “vegan honey”. Using this liquid sweetener is easier to use because it is in liquid form as a topping or to drink directly.

Raw material Sweet Soy Sauce

This solid coconut sugar has a solid shape but melts easily when heated. Different from the other two types of coconut sugar, this sugar must be dissolved or combed before use. Usually molded coconut sugar is used as a cake filling and also as a sweetener or food coloring. Apart from that, molded coconut sugar is the main raw material for making sweet soy sauce because the price is cheap and the color is more beautiful.

Those are the tips for using coconut sugar, use coconut sugar as needed, and don’t use it excessively.

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