Brown sugar is a superfood that many people believe has a low glycemic index. Apart from that, brown sugar is a natural sugar that has nutrients such as vitamins and minerals compared to other sweeteners. It is made from coconut sap or palm sap which is hydrated into granulated sugar. As a housewife, it is a good idea to provide it as a better sweetener. Many people believe this sugar will replace cane sugar as a regular sweetener. Because they believe that this is a “healthier” choice than granulated sugar. However, the price of brown sugar which is more expensive than cane sugar can be an obstacle for people to switch to using it.

How to make brown sugar

Some people will think it is better to make their brown sugar rather than buy it. It is made from coconut or palm flower essence which is cooked until the water content is reduced. Apart from that, when heating sap you have to use a special technique to produce quality brown sugar. However, other ways can save costs on purchasing coconut sugar for home consumption. You can buy molded coconut sugar or molded palm sugar as raw materials for brown sugar.

Here’s a practical way to make granulated brown sugar:
1. Put coconut sugar or molded palm sugar in a frying pan
2. Cook the sugar until it melts and turns into liquid sugar
3. Stir the cooked sugar liquid until the water content is reduced
4. If the water content starts to decrease, drain it for a moment until the temperature drops slightly
5. When it is almost solid, crush and strain the mixture on a sieve or aluminum filter
6. When this stage is complete, repeat the above steps until it becomes fine sugar

The method above can be an alternative for making brown sugar at home using available household tools. However, if you feel that this step is a hassle, it is better to buy coconut sugar or palm sugar in retail packaging. BASFOOD is a company that sells coconut sugar and palm sugar under the NatureBAS brand. This brand from Indonesia has 300g, 600g, and 1Kg packaging variants at economical prices. So you can save money on buying sweeteners at home.

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