Storing coconut sugar in a glassCoconut sugar is a natural sweetener that comes in powder, liquid, and solid forms. Powdered coconut sugar has a smooth and soft texture like granulated sugar in general. Meanwhile, liquid coconut sugar has a soft and thick texture, in contrast to molded coconut sugar which is dense and sturdy. Even though coconut sugar has different forms, it easily becomes soft and melts if it is not stored properly. This is due to the nature of the formation of coconut sugar in the form of liquid coconut sap that is heated until the water content is reduced. This natural sweetener will melt easily when exposed to extremely hot temperatures. So how do you store coconut sugar at home so that its quality doesn’t decrease?

How to store coconut sugar

Storing coconut sugar at room temperature and in closed packaging can extend the life of coconut sugar. However, most people buy coconut sugar in different packages, some buy coconut sugar in glass jars, paper pouches, and bulk plastic. This will of course mean that the way you store coconut sugar varies according to the packaging they have. When buying coconut sugar, you should choose packaging made of airtight material that is resistant to heat. Usually, this type of coconut sugar is a retail type of coconut sugar which has an expensive price. These sugar products are packaged in glass bottles, laminated cartons, or aluminum foil pouches.

How to Store Coconut Sugar

However, if you buy bulk coconut sugar for industrial or small business needs, you need to transfer it to a storage container. The container can be a glass jar that has a seal, or a small container box that is airtight and light. This place is the best recommendation for storing coconut sugar so that its quality is maintained.

Apart from that, storing coconut sugar close to a fireplace or source of fire/light is not the right thing. Because this can affect the quality of the coconut sugar which melts easily due to hot temperatures. Cool and dry places such as the refrigerator, kitchen cupboard, and pantry are the best places to store coconut sugar. Make sure to store coconut sugar tightly closed to avoid ants getting to it.

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