Pure palm sugar producers – For some food and beverage producers, of course, don’t care about the purity of a sweetener. But what about natural sweeteners that undergo production processes so that they are no longer pure and reduce their quality? Of course, this will be very important for consumers, especially food and beverage producers. Natural sweeteners that are prone to mixing raw materials are palm sugar and coconut sugar. These two natural sweeteners are often mixed with refined sugar which can eliminate purity and reduce quality.

Palm sugar is one of the many sugars whose purity is falsified by several palm sugar producers who are not credible. This is because the price of pure palm sugar is very expensive, so some naughty producers make mixed palm sugar to increase profits. Even though the taste of pure palm sugar and mixed palm sugar has a similar taste, they can still be distinguished. The sweet taste of pure palm sugar remains more natural than palm sugar with added refined sugar. Palm sugar added with refined sugar has a dense sweet taste that fades and leaves a sour taste in the throat. Apart from that, the aroma of the mixed palm sugar is not very pleasant because the caramel taste of the refined sugar is over cooked.


Pure Palm Sugar Producers

Pure Palm Sugar Producers

If you want to buy pure palm sugar, make sure you buy it from a pure palm sugar producer. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a producer of pure palm sugar which has been producing palm sugar since 2013. For 10 years BASFOOD has supplied pure palm sugar to several palm sugar importing countries in America, Asia, and Australia. With the trust of customers over the past 10 years, there is no need to doubt the quality of BASFOOD’s palm sugar. They only supply pure, high-quality palm sugar to palm sugar importing countries.

Apart from that, pure palm sugar has also been marketed domestically as a premium sweetener product in Indonesia. Most of the palm sugar is distributed to several large cafes and restaurants in Semarang, Central Java, and Jakarta. BASFOOD palm sugar products are currently available in the form of crystal palm sugar and molded palm sugar.

If you are interested in palm sugar products from pure palm sugar suppliers in Indonesia, immediately contact BASFOOD’s marketing executive. Get the best price offers and economical shipping cost calculations for each product purchased.

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