Coconut Nectar Syrup Supplier for ice cream manufacturer

Coconut Nectar Syrup SupplierCoconut sugar is a natural sweetener that can make food and drinks even more special. The unique taste (sweet and slightly savory) and delicious coconut aroma are certainly different sensations. Moreover, coconut sugar has a low glycemic index (low GI) below 55 which is believed to be “healthier” than other sweeteners. For coconut sugar producers, consumers who like sweet food and drinks are of course the main target for their products. Of course, not all consumers can use printed coconut sugar or crystal coconut sugar products wherever they are. Therefore, coconut sugar suppliers present coconut nectar syrup products that are more practical.

Coconut Nectar Syrup Supplier

Coconut Nectar Syrup is coconut sugar in the form of a thick coconut sugar liquid. The brown color and coconut aroma are the result of heating pure coconut sap. In shape and texture, coconut nectar syrup is very identical to raw honey. However, if you feel like coconut nectar syrup is not as sweet as raw honey which has a strong sweet taste. This is of course normal considering that coconut nectar syrup has a lower sugar content than raw honey. This drawback can be an advantage of coconut nectar syrup when consumed by vegetarians who do not consume honey. Because honey is a sweetener produced by wild bees or farmed bees.

Honey Alternative?

Even though they both have good concentrations, coconut nectar syrup dissolves more easily in cold or hot water. This is because coconut nectar syrup is made from coconut flower stem juice which is in liquid form. Different from honey which is produced from bee nectar which is thick and sticky. How to consume coconut nectar syrup is the same as honey, you can drink it directly without mixing it into food and drinks. Or it can be mixed into food and drinks as a topping or filling. Some people use coconut nectar syrup as a topping for frappes, iced coffee, tart bread, and donuts. This liquid coconut sugar can also be a substitute for peanut butter to spread or dip on plain bread.

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