Bulk Coconut Sugar Manufacturer – Many coconut sugar traders and brokers in Europe are looking for bulk coconut sugar factories in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Indonesia is a place for organic and conventional coconut sugar producers to export their products. Starting from crystal coconut sugar products, liquid coconut sugar, to molded coconut sugar, they export them. The price of the bulk coconut sugar they offer is very cheap, starting from $1.5 – $2.5 per kilogram. This bulk coconut sugar price is specifically for coconut sugar brokers and traders who want to make a coconut sugar business contract. However, some coconut sugar exporters can sell it cheaper if buyers make repeat orders with long-term contract transactions.

Bulk Coconut Sugar Manufacturer - Coconut Sugar Supplier


Bulk Coconut Sugar Manufacturer

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a bulk coconut sugar manufacturer that has collaborated with many coconut sugar brokers and traders. They work together to distribute Indonesian coconut sugar to all corners of the world, especially Europe and America. This coconut sugar business collaboration has been running for quite a long time from 2013 until now. BASFOOD provides cheap bulk coconut sugar prices so that it can be resold by brokers and traders. However, this can also apply to coconut sugar importers who want to buy bulk coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar importers only need to enter into long-term business contracts to get the cheapest coconut sugar prices. The low minimum order quantity (MOQ) is certainly an advantage for coconut sugar importers. BASFOOD provides organic coconut sugar with EU and USDA certificates from the Control Union and natural coconut sugar (without certificate).

As a producer of bulk coconut sugar, BASFOOD not only sells coconut sugar in bulk form but also in retail packaging. This retail packaged coconut sugar is in the form of an OEM Coconut Sugar Private Label which can be resold. The OEM Coconut Sugar Private Label product is packaged coconut sugar ready for distribution using a private brand and packaging design. Buyers simply provide a packaging label design and brand on their coconut sugar products. Furthermore, BASFOOD will produce their coconut sugar with labels and packaging according to buyers’ requests.

Buyers only need to market it through online marketplace platforms or offline supermarkets. Buyers do not need to have their coconut sugar production factory and invest in expensive coconut sugar production equipment. Just leave it to us for production and packaging needs filled with high-quality coconut sugar.

Contact our marketing executive to get an offer for this coconut sugar business opportunity.

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