Supplier of Golden Coconut Sugar

Supplier of golden coconut sugar – Golden coconut sugar or blonde coconut sugar is coconut sugar which has a golden yellow color. The color of coconut sugar is very special compared to coconut sugar in general which is yellowish brown. The golden color of blonde coconut sugar does not change the taste or aroma, it is still like other coconut sugar. Blonde coconut sugar has advantages compared to brown coconut sugar when used in food and drinks. The color of blonde coconut sugar does not make food and drinks browner or cloudier. Meanwhile, brown coconut sugar will make food and drinks cloudy.

This golden-colored coconut sugar is certainly a target for food and beverage manufacturers who don’t want the color of their products to change drastically. Bread and cakes that use blonde coconut sugar will not darken when baked. Apart from that, drinks that have bright and beautiful colors will not become cloudy with this sweetener. However, this does not apply when using it to increase the color density of food and drinks. Sweet soy sauce and chocolate manufacturers will not use golden sugar to enhance their flavors. This is because blonde sugar cannot darken the color of chocolate and sweet soy sauce. Moreover, blonde coconut sugar is more expensive than regular coconut sugar.

Making The Golden Color

Making blonde coconut sugar cannot be done haphazardly, because the yellow color of coconut sugar is formed naturally. The yellow color is not due to the addition of coloring or due to purification, but from the type and quality of coconut sap. The coconut sap used in blonde coconut sugar is sap that is harvested during the summer and low rainfall. High rainfall causes coconut sap to become slightly cloudy and dark, which makes the color of coconut sugar brown. Coconut sap harvested in summer is clearer and slightly whitish. Apart from that, the process of removing the water content in the sap is cooked with the embers of a stable firewood fire. If you don’t cook it with stable coals, the resulting coconut sugar will be darker. Several factors make the price of blonde coconut sugar more expensive than regular coconut sugar.

Supplier of golden coconut sugar

However CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has a large supply of golden coconut sugar. They are a supplier of golden coconut sugar which produces organic coconut sugar with EU and USDA organic certificates. If you need blonde coconut sugar, just contact their marketing executive to get the best offer.

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