Coconut Tree

The coconut tree is a type of plant that is a single member of the cocos genus from the family of Arecaceae. This tropical plant grows through shoots that emerge from the fruit that falls from the tree. This tree, which can grow up to 20 meters, has many benefits for human life. Starting from the roots to the fruit, it can be used as a product that has high economic value. All coconut products from the roots to the fruit have the scientific name Cocos Nucifera.

Benefits of Coconut Tree

Coconut roots are strong tree roots with extensive root growth. This part of the tree can be used as a rope to produce handicrafts with high economic value. Woven bags, bowls, and aprons can be made from flattened roots. Apart from the roots, the trunk of this tree also has a vital function for human needs in making construction. Coconut trunks can be used as support pillars for building construction, or as strong building walls. Traditional boat hulls also use coconut trunks to be stronger against waves.

Moving on to the top, there are branches, leaves, flowers, and even coconuts which can be used for high economic value. Coconut branches and leaves can be used for roofs that are water and hot weather-resistant. Even though it does not rule out the possibility that water can seep in when it rains, it has a good aesthetic aspect. Coconut leaves can be used as food wraps that can withstand hot temperatures. Otak-otak and Ketupat are traditional foods that use coconut leaves as wrapping. Not to mention that in the hands of creative people, coconut leaves can become charming serving plates. Coconut leaf sticks can also be a strong and long-lasting cleaning tool.

Who doesn’t know coconuts that taste delicious and fresh? This fruit has delicious flesh and fresh water to drink. Coconut shells can become aesthetic bowls and spoons if processed well. Meanwhile, coconut fiber is a fiber that can be used as fuel for fireplaces or as bedding for livestock pens. On the other hand, coconut flowers contain coconut flower juice in the form of sap which can be processed into coconut sugar.

Therefore, the coconut tree is called the tree of life because all its parts can be beneficial for human life.

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