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Replace Sugar Cane and Use Coconut Sugar?

coconut sugar - natural sweetener


Everyday there are still many people asking about why to use coconut sugar and replace sugar cane? We get this question quite a bit so we thought we should talk about it. Simply put, we only use natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup in our own home, so coconut sugar was the natural choice for us to use in our chocolate.

We did make a few batches of chocolate using cane sugar in the beginning but found that we prefer the taste of our chocolate made with coconut sugar. The milder sweetness compliments the flavor profiles of our cacao beans instead of overpowering them. While coconut sugar has gained some recognition as a better choice amongst sweeteners, we do not want to mislead anyone into believing that it is a health food. Coconut sugar does have a slightly lower glycemic index and a higher content of nutrients (iron, zinc, calcium, potassium) than table sugar but there no caloric difference. It is sugar, and sugar of any sort should be enjoyed in moderation.

coconut sugar the best sweetener for replace sugar cane






If you think how coconut sugar is made, then we will explain a little how these sweeteners are produced. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconut flower buds collected (Indonesian people can call nira). Then the collected juice will be boiled to remove the water vapor can then be printed or made into a crystal like coconut sugar that we see today. We are producer of organic coconut sugar from Indonesia, we supply high quality coconut sugar with lower price.

So, are you going to replace sugar cane with coconut sugar?

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