The difference between refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil

It is no doubt if coconut oil has many benefits for us. Talking about coconut oil, there are two types of coconut oil available in the market, they are virgin and RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) coconut oil.

Generally, there are a few things that extinguishing between virgin coconut oil and RBD coconut oil.

  • Virgin coconut oil is made using fresh meat of coconuts (mature coconuts) while RBD or ordinary coconut oil is produced using dried coconut or copra.
  • Virgin coconut oil is exposed to the least possible processing in terms of heat, pressure and chemicals. There are 3 ways to produce it (fermented, cold and centrifugal press process). While for RDB coconut oil, the extraction involves the use of heavy pressure, heat and solvents to the Make the oil tasteless and Odorless.
  • Perhaps this is one of the easiest way to distinguish between virgin coconut oil and RBD. Virgin coconut oil tastes and smells like a fresh coconut. This smell is mild, not strong. For RBD coconut oil is like any other vegetable oil, it does not smell of the source it is extracted from.
  • Smoking point is the temperature where the oil starts degenerating and becoming bad for using. Smoking point of virgin coconut oil is close to 170 C which is good enough for normal cooking but not very good for frying. The smoking point of RBD coconut oil is above 220 C which is very suitable for frying purposes.
  • The price than virgin coconut oil is more expensive than RDB coconut oil. That’s because the virgin coconut oil is not produced in mass like RDB coconut oil. Which is easier to obtain in large quantities.

So which is better?

If you want more rich in nutrients and vitamins that virgin coconut oil is the best. But if you want cheaper and for the purpose of cooking, you can use refined coconut oil. In addition for the purpose of cooking, RBD Coconut oil is normally utilized as a part of numerous skincare formulations and products Including soap, lotions / moisturizers, creams, ointments and toiletry industry. During the refining process all color, taste and smell is removed via natural means, making it the ideal choice for skincare products as it Allows the aromas and fragrances of the essential oils to be highlighted.

RDB virgin coconut oil and coconut oil can be said oil is healthy because they contain up to medium chained triglycerides (MCTs). Fortunately MCTs are not destroyed even while coconut oil is subjected to processing to the make RBD coconut oil. This is Because MCTs are very stable and do not get destroyed Easily by heating. However, the processing of coconut oil RDB some other nutrients such as Vitamin E, poly-phenols etc. may get affected. These are some of the nutrients the which are more sensitive to heat and chemicals used for refining and bleaching of coconut oil.

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