Indonesian coconut sugar is a sweetener product that has good quality as a raw material for making food and beverage products. Many food and beverage manufacturers in Europe and America have ordered Indonesian coconut sugar. The coconut sugar they order is granulated coconut sugar, liquid coconut sugar, and molded coconut sugar in bulk packaging. Apart from that, Indonesian coconut sugar producers also produce white-label coconut sugar for coconut sugar brokers and distributors.

Indonesan Coconut Sugar at Wholesale prices
Make Indonesian Coconut Sugar

Indonesia has an even distribution of coconut plantations, both organic coconut plantations and conventional coconut plantations. Most of the coconut plantations in Indonesia are found in the highlands on the sea coast. There, coconut plantations are free from air pollution which causes the quality of productive coconut trees to decline. A productive coconut tree will produce coconut sap (the raw material for coconut sugar) which is abundant and rich in nutrients. The process of making coconut sugar is carried out by traditional coconut sugar craftsmen.

They cook coconut sugar using a large cauldron over natural wood-burning coals until it boils. This technique for making coconut sugar is a legacy passed down from their ancestors, so the taste of Indonesian coconut sugar is more authentic. Next, the mature coconut sugar is made into liquid coconut sugar, molded coconut sugar, and granulated coconut sugar. They then sell the coconut sugar products to coconut sugar collectors or suppliers who have established business collaborations.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an organic coconut sugar producer that has established business collaborations with coconut sugar craftsmen. This mutually beneficial cooperation has been in place for 10 years since the coconut sugar exporting company was founded. Currently CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has an organic coconut sugar factory to makes quality coconut sugar. So the price of BASFOOD coconut sugar is cheaper than the price of coconut sugar on the market. This wholesale coconut sugar price is only given for purchasing bulk coconut sugar with a certain minimum order (MOQ).

With all the advantages of coconut sugar products, BASFOOD hopes to be able to compete with other coconut sugar producers. Philippine coconut sugar producers, coconut sugar suppliers in Thailand, and Sri Lankan coconut sugar factories are good competitors. BASFOOD believes that the organic coconut sugar they sell can make them a leading supplier in Southeast Asia.

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