Benefits of Crude Palm Oil – Crude palm oil is a vegetable oil that is a raw material for various food products and other care products. This crude oil comes from red palm kernels which are extracted into crude oil. The color of crude palm oil is red because it contains a lot of carotene from palm fruit. In raw conditions, palm oil has a texture that can thicken, but if heated the texture will melt. This oil is the main raw material for other palm oil derivative products such as Palm Acid Oil and RBD Palm Olein.

Benefits of crude palm oil

Benefits of Crude Palm Oil

Crude Palm Oil or CPO can be processed into biofuel that can produce electricity. The use of CPO as fuel is very efficient because it provides maximum results but minimal bloating of the remaining materials used. Apart from that, crude palm oil has derivative products which can increase the price of palm oil. These products are Palm Acid Oil, RBD Palm Olein, and Palm Fatty Acid Distillate. All of these palm oil products have their respective benefits for food needs and machine maintenance products.

Palm Acid Oil or PAO

Palm Acid Oil is a palm oil product produced from the remaining production of RBD Palm Oil. The process of clarifying and refining CPO into RBD Palm Oil leaves the remainder of the production in the form of PAO. The remaining oil from this production has an orange color with a high carotene content. The high fatty acid content is still present in PAO, so this product can be used as an animal feed ingredient. Apart from that, PAO can also be used as an ingredient for making soap, and as a raw material for producing palm fatty acid distillate or PFAD.

RBD Palm Olein

Crude palm oil that has undergone a process of clarification, purification, and deodorization will become the RBD Palm Olein product. Refined palm oil has its main use as a raw material for cooking oil and other food products. Margarine and butter are forms of derivative products from RBD Palm Olein. This oil has clarity levels with codes CP6, CP8, and CP10.

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate or PFAD

Palm fatty acid distillate as a by-product is very similar to Palm Acid Oil. This oil has a slightly dark color but is not as thick as PAO when frozen. PFAD is a raw material for making candles, oleochemical products, soap, and animal feed ingredients.

There are so many benefits from crude palm oil to make processed palm oil products. However, crude palm oil has a fairly cheap price compared to its benefits. If you are interested in bulk crude palm oil, then you can contact CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa as your palm oil supplier.

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