Brown Sugar

Maybe almost everyone is familiar with brown sugar, it is really on the rise. Some people have started switching to using brown sugar and leaving white sugar. However, is brown sugar good enough to replace white sugar?

If the brown sugar in question is Javanese sugar which comes from coconut sugar, then this sugar can be a substitute for white sugar. However, if what is meant is brown sugar from cane molasses syrup, then there is no difference from white sugar. Brown sugar is the name for Javanese sugar in Indonesia and Melaka sugar for some Malay regions such as Malaysia and Singapore. This sugar has a low glycemic index so it can release glucose gradually in the blood.

Coconut Brown Sugar

This sweetener comes from the juice of coconut flower stems or what is usually called coconut sap. In general, Javanese sugar or Melaka sugar has a less sweet taste than white sugar. Javanese sugar has a sweet and slightly savory taste and a delicious coconut aroma. This sugar is very suitable as a cooking sweetener and raw material for sweet soy sauce because it can make the texture of the liquid thicker. Apart from that, its savory taste can reduce the use of food flavorings such as monosodium glutamate (MSG).

This is different from chocolate sweetener which is made from white sugar with added sugar cane molasses syrup. This sweetener has a high calorie content so it is not recommended to consume it in large or excessive amounts. However, brownish cane sugar has a sweeter taste than coconut sugar. So it will save more use, compared to coconut sugar which is not too sweet. Apart from that, the caramel taste of sugar cane molasses is very delicious compared to the caramel taste of other sweeteners. This sugar, which looks similar to coconut sugar, can be used to sweeten food and drinks, especially as a topping. This sweetener can be used as a topping for bread so that the surface of the bread is browner and shinier. Apart from that, drinks that use brown sugar will be more delicious and have a strong caramel aroma.

So before buying this sugar, make sure which sugar you choose suits your needs and the benefits of using it.

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