Brown sugar is a natural sweetener product made from cane sugar mixed with molasses syrup. This molasses syrup from sugar cane extraction has a blackish-brown color which makes the white cane sugar brownish. If you look at it at a glance, it has a shape that is identical to coconut sugar or palm sugar. However, brown sugar crystal granules are shinier and harder than coconut and palm sugar. This sugar has a sweeter taste than coconut sugar and palm sugar because it comes from sugar cane juice. This sweetener is very suitable for replacing coconut sugar and palm sugar as a food and drink sweetener. Because of its sweet taste and dark color, it can be a substitute for coconut sugar and palm sugar.

Using Brown Sugar

Using Brown Sugar for Raw Material

Some bread and fast food drink manufacturers use brown sugar as a substitute for coconut and palm sugar. Apart from being cheaper than coconut and palm sugar, it can makes the color of food and drinks more intense. Drinks that use brown sugar as a sweetener will be stickier. This is different from drinks that use palm sugar or coconut sugar which are thicker but not sticky. The sweet taste of its certainly makes food and drink producers more economical in using natural sweeteners. Moreover, the price of this sugar is cheaper than coconut sugar and palm sugar. This will increase sales profits because it can save on raw material costs.

For household needs, using brown sugar can also provide benefits for consumers. Brownish sugar users can make bread and other foods as delicious as the food sold in cafes and restaurants. In addition, they can make delicious drinks at home without having to buy them at the drink shop. It can be used as a topping, filling, or sweetener as well as a natural brown coloring for bread and cakes. This can increase the creativity of housewives in serving food and drinks to their families.

However, there are quite important notes on using brown sugar and other sweeteners. Namely, use enough the natural sugar for each food and drink according to the daily nutritional requirements. Because consuming excessive sugar is not recommended to avoid health problems due to excessive sugar consumption.

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