Benefits of Coconut - Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Benefits of Coconut – Coconuts have extraordinary benefits as a source of various foodstuffs and other necessities. All parts of the coconut can be used to make products of high economic value. Tropical countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand are producers of coconut products. There are extensive coconut plantations there that can supply quality young and old coconuts. Coconut products are consumed in their country and some are also exported to Europe and America. The following are the benefits of coconuts as raw materials for products with high economic value:

Benefits of Coconut Meat

Young coconut meat can be a very delicious fruit to eat. This food, which can be used as a refreshing drink, is very appropriate if enjoyed together with young coconut water. Meanwhile, old coconut meat can produce several food products such as coconut milk, coconut oil, and dried coconut meat. Old coconut meat products are very expensive, especially coconut oil such as virgin coconut oil and crude coconut oil. Coconut milk can also be packaged into ready-to-eat seasoning with antiseptic packaging as a retail product. Coconut meat can also be dried into desiccated coconut, coconut chips, and coconut flour. This product is a raw material for making food such as cakes, bread, and snacks.

Produce water

Young coconut water is one of the freshest drinks. This drink is believed to have isotonic content which can restore body fluids quickly. This electrolyte water can be packaged into a high-value fast food drink. Even one liter of bottled coconut water can cost up to $2! Old coconut water can be used as water for boiling meat such as beef and chicken. Boiling coconut water makes the meat softer and tastes more delicious.

Charcoal Briquettes

At first glance, the inner skin of the coconut does not have any significant benefits, but if it is processed it will be different. Coconut shells can be the raw material for making coconut shell charcoal which is very expensive in East Asia and Europe. Coconut shell charcoal is fuel for barbecues and also a source of fire for cooking. The embers from coconut shell charcoal can last more than 6 hours, making it more energy efficient. Apart from that, the ash from coconut shell charcoal is not as much as ordinary wood charcoal so it does not interfere with breathing. Some coconut shell craftsmen make coconut shells as raw material for handicrafts. They can make coconut shell bowls, pins, clothes buttons, and even coconut shell bags. Even though it produces aesthetic work, the price is very cheap, starting from just $1.

Strong Fiber

The outer part of the coconut has a unique shape like strong cloth fibers. Coconut fiber has a strong thread network so it can be used as a substitute for cloth. Fabric craftsmen use coconut fiber as sacks and also as cloth for making shopping bags. Of course, using products made from coconut fiber can reduce plastic waste which pollutes the environment. Apart from that, coconut fiber can be a unique planting medium such as orchids and other vines.

These are the benefits of coconut for human life, always use products from nature to preserve the environment in the future.

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