Differences of Coconut Sugar vs Cane Sugar

Have you ever thought about comparing coconut sugar vs cane sugar (white sugar)? These two natural sweeteners are sweeteners that have many differences. So what are the differences between coconut sugar and white sugar that you need to know?

Comparissons of Coconut Sugar vs White Sugar

Different materials and shapes

Even though both are natural sweeteners, the raw materials for these two sweeteners are different. Coconut sugar is made from the juice of coconut flowers called coconut sap, while white sugar is made from the juice of sugar cane stalks. Coconut sugar and cane sugar have almost similar shapes in the form of granules, liquid sugar, and solid sugar. White sugar has a shiny surface like crystals, while coconut sugar is yellowish brown. In liquid form, cane sugar has a clear color, while coconut sugar is dark brown. What is most different is the solid form of the two, solid cane sugar-like irregular chunks of crystal rock. However, coconut sugar has a smooth shape because it is molded on bamboo sticks or coconut shells.

Taste and aroma Coconut Sugar vs Cane Sugar

Because they come from different sugar raw materials, the taste and aroma of these two sugars will be different. Cane sugar has a sweet taste and leaves acid in the mouth and throat. The aroma of cane sugar is more neutral and slightly aromatic when heated. This is different from coconut sugar which has a taste that is not too sweet and sometimes a little savory. The savory taste and aroma of coconut emerge as a natural taste from coconut sap as the constituent ingredient. The aroma of coconut sugar also smells slightly of smoke because the manufacturing process uses firewood.

The advantages of each sugar

Even though they have very significant differences, both sweeteners have their respective advantages. Like cane sugar which has high calories, the white color of cane sugar can be more neutral when used. Cane sugar does not cause food and drinks to experience significant color changes compared to using coconut sugar. Coconut sugar which is yellowish brown can change the color of food and drinks. So cane sugar is superior to coconut sugar in its use. However, coconut sugar has fewer calories than cane sugar. Apart from that, coconut sugar is a sweetener that has a low glycemic index (Low GI). So coconut sugar can be more comfortable to use for diabetics and people on a diet.

Another advantage that cane sugar has is that it tastes very sweet, which can save on sugar consumption. There is no need to use it in large quantities to get enough sweetness. This is different from coconut sugar which is not too sweet, so it requires a large amount to get a sweet taste. However, this benefits coconut sugar if it is used by people who don’t like sweet things. Apart from that, the coconut aroma in this brown sugar can be a relaxing aromatherapy before enjoying it.

So, which do you think is superior, coconut sugar vs cane sugar?

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