Sugar sachets in hotels – Hotels are a very suitable place to stay when traveling or resting when on a business trip. There is the most comfortable resting place to unwind and unwind from a full day’s activities. For travelers, choosing a hotel that has an interesting concept will certainly be something special. Interesting concepts such as natural views, a jacuzzi, and attractive room interiors are certainly an option. However, business people will prefer hotels with luxurious facilities that make them comfortable to rest. Each hotel also provides standard drinking equipment in each visitor’s room. This is aimed at hotel visitors who want to relax by enjoying coffee or tea in the privacy of their room.

Standard drinking equipment consists of mineral water, water heater kettle, tea sachets, coffee sachets, and sugar sachets at the hotel. All beverage ingredients such as tea sachets, coffee sachets, and sugar sachets can be enjoyed for free. Almost all hotels serve these drinkware to their customers. What makes it interesting is that the type of sugar served is not just one type of sugar to enjoy the available coffee and tea. Hotel managers provide various types of sachet sugar in their hotels, such as palm sugar, coconut sugar, cane sugar, and brown sugar. This certainly really pampers hotel visitors in enjoying coffee and tea.

Sugar Sachets in hotels

The following types of sugar sachets are available at the hotel

Coconut sugar

The natural sweetener is produced from the juice of coconut flower stems or what is usually called coconut sap. This sugar is brownish-yellow in color and has a delicious coconut aroma. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index so it is quite good for diabetes sufferers. It doesn’t taste too sweet compared to other sugars available in hotel rooms. For black tea lovers, this sweetener can be a recommendation to try to get a different sensation.

Palm sugar
At first glance, this sugar is similar to brown sugar and coconut sugar, but palm sugar has a slightly reddish color. This natural sweetener made from palm flower essence can make Arabica and Robusta coffee more delicious. Palm sugar will make the coffee texture thicker and the coffee aroma more delicious.

Cane sugar
Cane sugar or white sugar is a coffee and tea sweetener that is commonly used by many people. It tastes very sweet and does not change the color of the drink when used, which will be the choice of many people. However, cane sugar has high calories, so it’s a good idea to enjoy tea and coffee that uses cane sugar before activities.

Brown Sugar
This brown sweetener has a shape that is very similar to coconut sugar and palm sugar. However, it has a sweeter taste than palm sugar and coconut sugar, because brown sugar comes from cane sugar molasses syrup. Some people believe brown sugar can be a substitute for white sugar because it is low in calories. This sugar can be the best choice as a sweetener for tea and coffee mixed with creamer.

Low-Calorie Sugar
The type of low-calorie sugar provided is usually synthetic sugar derived from corn sugar or stevia. Even though it is low in calories, this sugar is not natural sugar like palm sugar and coconut sugar. The taste of low-calorie sugar is not too sweet and less natural, but it is suitable for use in tea and coffee.
These are the types of sugar sachets in hotels that you can find and try for your private drink.

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