Prevent blood sugar levels rising
Instant spikes in blood sugar levels are a scourge for some diabetes sufferers and also some people who are susceptible to diabetes. For diabetes sufferers, a spike in blood sugar is something that is very worrying and can lead to loss of consciousness. However, for some people, a spike in blood sugar can be a warning alarm to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So this situation can prevent the occurrence of diabetes mellitus in the long term. Recognizing the symptoms of rising blood sugar can be one way to prevent repeated spikes in blood sugar levels. This method is one way to recognize the symptoms of diabetes which always targets some people.

Symptoms of high blood sugar levels

Recognizing the symptoms of high blood sugar levels can prevent long-term damage to nerves throughout the body. Some of the symptoms that appear in diabetes sufferers and ordinary people are almost the same. Here are some symptoms of high blood sugar levels:

Easily Thirsty and Frequent Urination

Accumulating glucose levels in the blood causes the kidneys to work hard to filter and absorb glucose. This causes fluids in the body to decrease or become dehydrated. The more water you drink, the higher the frequency of urination. This condition is very normal because drinking water will carry glucose in the kidneys out through urine.

Easily tired and often hungry

A body that reduces insulin deficiency will tire easily because the insulin hormone uses glucose to be burned into energy. The inability of the insulin hormone to convert glucose into energy causes the body to lack energy and become hungry easily. However, this feeling of hunger can backfire because it can increase glucose which makes blood sugar spike. If this condition occurs, work around it by eating fruit and vegetables that are low in calories.

Leg pain and wounds are difficult to heal

High sugar levels can cause interference and damage to nerves throughout the body, especially the feet and hands. This damage is characterized by tingling, pain, and even numbness. This is because the body pumps blood from the legs to the heart becomes difficult and heavy. Due to poor blood circulation, wounds on parts of the body will be difficult to heal. Because white blood cells are not carried properly throughout the skin tissue.

Blurred Vision cause Blood Sugar

Rising blood sugar levels cause the lens in the eye to swell, so that the eye cannot focus. Blurred vision can also occur due to eye damage due to the buildup of blood sugar levels.

Rising blood sugar levels can have quite a terrible effect on normal people and diabetics. A healthy lifestyle and a good diet can help prevent rising blood sugar. Avoid high-calorie foods and do physical activity to burn glucose in the body into energy.

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