Are you a soy sauce manufacturer who is looking for molded coconut sugar supplier that is made without mixing? Or brokers and traders who have potential coconut sugar buyers with attractive price deals? If you are looking for a trusted supplier of molded coconut sugar, Indonesia could be the recommended country. Indonesia has hundreds of coconut sugar producers who have attractive coconut products as raw materials for food and beverage production. They produce granulated coconut sugar, liquid coconut sugar, and molded coconut sugar as raw materials for the food and beverage industry. Each coconut sugar product has its method of use, according to its usage needs.

Coconut Sugar Form

Granulated coconut sugar is usually used as raw material for the sachet beverage industry and also for making ice cream. Apart from that, many sugar producers sell granulated coconut sugar in expensive retail packaging. The nature of granulated coconut sugar, which dissolves easily in water, is an advantage in itself when used as a sweetener for food and drinks. The price of this type of sweetener is more expensive than molded coconut sugar because it has a lower water content and a long shelf life. The shelf life of granulated coconut sugar reaches 18 – 24 months if stored in tightly closed packaging at room temperature.

Even though it can be used as a food and drink sweetener, liquid coconut sugar has a different function from granulated coconut sugar. The liquid nature of this sweetener easily dissolves and blends into food and drinks. Chocolate manufacturers use liquid coconut sugar because it can make the chocolate color more intense. Apart from that, cafes, restaurants, and bakeries use liquid sugar as a topping for classy foods and drinks. This liquid coconut sugar product usually has vegetarian consumers who use it as a substitute for honey.


Molded Coconut Sugar Supplier - Palm Sugar Factory

Molded Coconut Sugar has advantages in terms of price compared to the other two forms of coconut sugar products. This is because printed coconut sugar does not require a further production process. After all, this sugar only needs to be printed on coconut shells or bamboo sticks after it is finished cooking. Its solid form does not guarantee a long shelf life, considering its fairly high water content. The shelf life of printed coconut sugar is only 12 – 18 months if stored at room temperature. Sweet and salty soy sauce manufacturers use molded coconut sugar as a sweetener and texture enhancer for soy sauce. Moreover, the price is cheap, making the price of soy sauce stable apart from the increase in other raw materials such as black soybeans.

Buy Molded Coconut Sugar

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