Bulk Desiccated Coconut – Coconut is a food ingredient that is very popular with various groups. Its delicious taste and delicious aroma make coconut meat suitable for everyone’s taste. The price of coconut is also not too expensive, making it easy for people to buy it. Coconut meat contains delicious coconut milk, which can be used as a sauce for food and drinks. Coconut milk is also called vegetable milk because it is produced from plant fruit and is white like cow’s milk. Old coconut meat can produce thick coconut milk with good quality. However, on the other hand, very old coconut meat will quickly become sour.


Bulk Desiccated Coconut


Use Bulk Desiccated Coconut

If you want to use it long-term, the coconut meat needs to be dried to maintain the coconut milk content.
Dried coconut meat is usually in the form of grated dried coconut called desiccated coconut. This coconut food product is in the form of grated dried coconut with coconut milk and coconut oil in it. Because it still contains coconut milk, the taste of desiccated coconut is very tasty with a crunchy texture. Desiccated coconut is usually used as a raw material for making ice cream, dry bread, and cakes. Ice cream manufacturers and biscuit factories use bulk desiccated coconut because the nutrients are cheaper for large-scale use.

This desiccated coconut product generally has two types of cuts, namely small pieces and medium pieces. The small grated form is called Fine Grade, and the medium grated form is called medium grade. Apart from that, the classification can also be divided into low fat and high fat. These two types of desiccated coconut have the same function, only the fat content in them is different.

In general, desiccated coconut has a shelf life of 18 – 24 months at room temperature and is not exposed to direct sunlight. If it takes more than this time, the color of the desiccated coconuts will turn yellow. Desiccated coconut has a natural white color and a distinctive coconut aroma. However, in several products, we found desiccated coconut with a clean white color and a delicious coconut aroma. Usually, some desiccated manufacturers use additional bleach to produce bright colors.


The Supplier of Dried Coconut Meat

Different from CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentos which supplies bulk desiccated coconut with good quality. The desiccated coconut products they sell are free from bleach, dyes, as well as preservatives which makes them long-lasting. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has been supplying low-fat and high-fat desiccated coconut since 2013. So the credibility of their desiccated coconut can be a reference for buying desiccated coconut in bulk.

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