Organic Coconut Sugar Suppliers

Working with organic coconut sugar suppliers with good credibility is certainly a brilliant business decision. Buyers get various coconut sugar commodities in various forms at factory prices. The convenience of buying coconut sugar in various forms at one coconut sugar supplier will save on shipping costs. Usually, leading coconut sugar suppliers have coconut sugar granules, coconut sugar mold, and coconut sugar syrup.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASDFOOD) is one of the leading organic coconut sugar suppliers in Indonesia. We have exported hundreds of tons of coconut sugar since 2013 to Europe, America, Australia, and several Asia Pacific countries. BASFOOD is not only a supplier of organic coconut sugar, but we are a producer of coconut sugar that has a coconut sugar factory. We produce organic and conventional coconut sugar according to the needs of buyers. Organic coconut sugar products with EU and USDA organic certificates are our best-selling products. CU 847432 is our organic number registered with the Control Union.

Organic Coconut Sugar Factory

Our organic coconut sugar factory has obtained food safety certification from HACCP, Halal Indonesia, and the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration. BASFOOD is committed to presenting quality products that are safe for consumption. In addition to exporting organic coconut sugar, we sell NatureBAS organic coconut sugar in Indonesia. NatureBAS is a trademark of BASFOOD’s coconut sugar products in retail packaging. We have marketed NatureBAS 250g Organic Coconut Sugar in Semarang, Jakarta, and Bali. We currently sell coconut sugar online, to reach more buyers around the world.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa offers cooperation with coconut sugar brokers and traders who want to start a coconut sugar business. OEM Coconut Sugar with Private Label is a realistic choice to start a retail coconut sugar business. Buyers can make their coconut sugar products with their own brands and packaging labels. Marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon, and e-Bay can be excellent online marketing venues.

Immediately contact the leading organic coconut sugar producer to get the best offer from us.

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