Pure Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a vegetable oil that has extraordinary benefits. Coconut oil is extracted from two types of coconuts, dried coconuts and fresh coconuts. These two fruits produce different types of coconut oil, both in type and in use. Dried coconut fruit or copra produces raw coconut oil which is called crude coconut oil. Meanwhile, fresh coconuts produce pure coconut oil called virgin coconut oil. These two coconut oils have different ways of using them so they are good for consumption or reprocessing.

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Pure Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil or VCO is coconut oil produced by extracting fresh, old coconuts into coconut milk. Old coconuts produce more concentrated coconut milk than young coconuts. The coconut milk resulting from cold pressing or centrifugation is then extracted to separate the water content. Over time the oil and water from coconut milk will separate to produce coconut broth and coconut oil. This coconut oil is clear white like water, but very slippery like oil in general.

Virgin coconut oil has a slight coconut aroma but is not too strong. This pure coconut oil does not undergo purification, clarification, and deodorization. Because of its purity, this oil is a type of oil that can be drunk directly without cooking. Apart from that, its natural properties prevent skin irritation even if it comes into direct contact without protection. VCO is commonly used as a skin care and facial beauty oil, as well as a hair care product.

Raw Cooking Oil

In contrast to virgin coconut oil which has a clear white color, crude coconut oil has a golden yellow color. This color is produced from the extraction of dried coconut fruit and its skin. This oil has almost the same color as palm oil, crude palm oil, and RBD palm olein. In terms of use, the two are almost similar, coconut oil can be used as a raw material for cooking oil after being purified.

The process of deodorizing, clarifying and purifying makes crude coconut oil into RBD Coconut Oil. The level of clarity can be seen with indicators (red) 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 to 1.5. During the refining process, coconut fatty acid distillate (CFAD) is produced which also has a high selling value. This crude coconut oil product is usually the raw material for oleochemical products, lubricants, and cooking oil.

These are the two pure coconut oils that have significant differences even though they are produced from the same coconut tree.

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