Bulk Brown Sugar Supplier - Coconut Sugar

Bulk Brown Sugar – Brown sugar is a natural sweetener made from cane sugar molasses. This dark brown sugar has a very sweet taste compared to white cane sugar. At first glance, the color and shape of brown sugar resembles palm sugar and coconut sugar. However, if you taste it, the taste of brown sugar is different from palm sugar and coconut sugar. Some people equate brown sugar with muscovado and khan sari, but they are also different. Muscovado and khan sari have lower calories than brown sugar. Apart from that, the taste of muscovado and khan sari is characteristically slightly bitter.

Sugar from sugar cane molasses is delicious, especially when used as a sweetener for milk tea and brown coffee. The sweet taste of brown sugar will neutralize the bitterness of Arabica and Robusta coffee. Coffee shops and café businesses use bulk brown sugar as a sweetener for their products because the price is cheaper than coconut and palm sugar. However, some baristas use brown sugar as a mixture of pure palm sugar or pure coconut sugar. This is because they want the strong sweet taste of brown sugar, but also want the delicious aroma of coconut sugar.

In the current era of technological progress, brown sugar is not only pure cane sugar molasses. However, several products on the market include brown palm sugar and brown coconut sugar. Even though this sugar is generally brown, brown sugar producers mix palm or coconut sap into the dough. This brown sugar has a strong sweet taste but still has a delicious aroma typical of coconut and sugar palm.

The price of this mixed sugar is cheaper than the original palm sugar or pure coconut sugar. The price is the same as the price of brown sugar in general, without having to pay more to buy it. This sugar is a solution for baristas coffee shops and café business people to get cheap palm sugar or coconut sugar. However, the taste produced by the mixed sugar still cannot match the taste of palm sugar and coconut sugar.

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