Diabetes Mellitus can attack all groups, regardless of old or young age. This disease is a scourge for everyone because until now no cure has been found. Detecting the symptoms of diabetes mellitus is very easy, but some people don’t realize it. Having a high appetite and always being thirsty is one of the symptoms of diabetes, apart from that, you get tired easily due to rising blood sugar levels in the body. Increased blood sugar levels in the body are caused by the inability of insulin to bind glucose in the blood into energy. This can be called insulin resistance, even though the insulin hormone is very important in creating energy for body cells.

Diabetes Mellitus Blood Level Test

Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

Other factors that cause diabetes are obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, aging, and genetics. Even though it is classified as a very deadly disease, diabetes mellitus can be prevented before it lodges in the body. Implementing a healthy lifestyle is the first step to preventing diabetes. Exercising, eating nutritious food, and getting enough rest is one way to prevent diabetes.

Exercise can stimulate the body’s metabolism so that the body can produce the hormone insulin into energy. This is what can bind glucose in the blood so that there is no instant spike in blood sugar levels. Apart from that, not staying up late and getting enough sleep will be able to restore stamina and metabolism. So that the body does not lack time to restore damaged body cells and energy that has been lost for activities.


Consuming Healthy Foods

The key to a healthy diet is consuming foods that are high in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Eating fruit and vegetables will be better for the body’s digestion than meat which is difficult to digest. Meats have a fast release of glucose, so they can cause a gradual increase in blood sugar. Apart from that, reducing foods with high sugar content can be a way to implement another healthy eating pattern. Using sweeteners high in glucose can have a bad effect on the body, apart from causing high blood sugar. You can replace cane sugar with a sweetener with a low glycemic index such as coconut sugar or stevia sugar.

Check your blood sugar regularly to control blood sugar levels in the body. So that our efforts to avoid diabetes are not in vain with good control.

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