Coconut Oil

Using Virgin Coconut Oil

using virgin coconut oil

Virgin Coconut oil or VCO is pure coconut oil that comes from the flesh of old coconuts which produces coco nut milk. Old coconut meat is extracted by cold pressing or centrifugation to produce coconut milk. In the process of making virgin coconut oil, the resulting oil does not undergo a process of refining, bleaching, and deodorization. This means that VCO can be consumed directly without cooking. This oil has a clear white color like water and olive oil with a slight coconut aroma. Because VCO does not deodorize, the existing nutrients and vitamins are not lost. Virgin Coconut Oil contains vitamin E and several minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Using Virgin Coconut Oil

The natural properties of virgin coco nut oil make many people believe that this vegetable oil is safe to use. Many people use VCO to maintain healthy hair, skin, and face. Several facial beauty product manufacturers use VCO as a facial health product. Apart from being able to brighten facial skin, VCO can also moisturize facial skin, especially for dry skin types. The VCO also contains antioxidants and antivirus which can prevent inflammation due to acne. Some people use VCO to prevent dandruff on the scalp and baldness. The fatty acid content moisturizes and nourishes the scalp down to the hair roots to prevent hair loss.

VCO for Antibodies

Apart from that, many people consume pure coconut oil to maintain immunity and prevent chronic diseases. Currently, many scientists are researching the antiviral content of virgin coconut oil to develop it into an immune-boosting drug for HIV sufferers. The purity of VCO frees it from chemical additives such as preservatives that can worsen health. This is a new hope for HIV sufferers to be able to continue to increase their immunity and extend their life expectancy.

Apart from the many benefits of using virgin coconut oil. It’s a good idea for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise diligently. So that the body’s immune system is maintained and you will be happier in old age.

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