Low Index Glycemic – Palm sugar or brown sugar so often used alternative sweeteners in Indonesia. Not only sweet, it turns out good for the health benefits.

At least there is the advantage of this brown sugar. What are they? Let’s refer to the explanation Dr. Yoshika Kurnia, Bandar Lampung.

Described, lead tastes sweet and delicious, fitted with a tongue of Asia and Indonesia. Secondly, palm sugar has a very low glycemic index which Index Glycemic 35 “This means that glucose uptake was slow so the pancreas does not have to work hard again,” said Dr. Yoshika to the Tribune Lampung (Tribunnews.com Network).

Because of its superiority, palm sugar is not only beneficial for healthy people. In some people with diabetes proved down the blood sugar levels after replacing white sugar with palm sugar.

In addition, a low GI makes glucose is absorbed slowly, which means all, energy is created in shape slowly so that the body longer. Third, during the manufacturing process, there is no iota of chemicals are added, making it safe for consumption.

Palm sugar contains many useful pharmacological elements such as Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium and others that are safe for the body. So if you want to continue to enjoy the sweet without the fear of the risk of diabetes, use palm sugar.

Source : http://www.tribunnews.com/kesehatan/2013/01/18/gula-aren-cocok-untuk-penderita-diabetes

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