Benefits of organic food – Every time we visit a supermarket to buy food products, of course, we will be presented with products labeled organic. The organic label is an indication that the food product is organic. Organic products are a type of food that is grown and processed naturally without chemicals and residues. Organic food is the choice of some people because it is considered healthier than regular food products. So how can a product be called an organic product?

The organicity of a product can be determined by the way the food ingredient is produced until it is received by consumers. In the cultivation and production process, organic food does not use non-organic ingredients. The non-organic materials in question can include chemicals, additional hormones, antibiotics, and genetic modification of organisms. Food that is labeled organic must be free from other chemical additives. The addition of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorings, and flavorings can eliminate the organicity of a product.


Benefits of organic food

In the cultivation and production process, organic food factories usually use renewable natural resources. The production and cultivation process must not cause environmental damage or environmental pollution. The use of natural water and organic fertilizer can be an option to improve harvest quality and environmental quality. After all aspects are fulfilled, there is a need for organic certification by an international organic institution. Usually, organic products have organic labels such as EU, USDA, JAS, SNI, and other organic logos on the packaging.

Benefits of organic food

Organic food products have many requirements that must be met, but what are the advantages of organic products for consumers? The following are the benefits of organic food:
– Organic products can reduce allergic reactions
– Nourish the body to form a natural immune system
– Organic products without chemical preservatives contain nutrients and antioxidants
– Organic products are more natural so they can prevent cell damage

However, the benefits of organic food will be directly proportional to the price. The price of organic products is more expensive than regular food products. This is because making organic certificates is not cheap. So you can choose which product is suitable for you and your family’s consumption.

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