Block Coconut Sugar Supplier for Soy Sauce


Block Coconut Sugar Supplier – Soy sauce is a food additive that functions as a food sweetener made from natural ingredients. Soybean extract and coconut sugar are the main raw materials for making soy sauce. Sweet soy sauce manufacturers use blocks of coconut sugar to make delicious sweet soy sauce. They use block coconut sugar because it is cheaper than granulated coconut sugar and coconut sugar syrup. This block of coconut sugar has a solid form and melts easily to produce a thick, dark soy sauce texture. Apart from that, block coconut sugar has a fairly high water content so soy sauce producers don’t need to add a lot of clean water when cooking it.

Block coconut sugar can make soy sauce taste even more delicious with a delicious aroma. The sweet and savory taste of coconut sugar is even stronger with the combination of soybean extract. Therefore, many people like soy sauce as a complementary seasoning to foods such as fried rice, grilled chicken, and roast beef. Apart from that, soy sauce can replace the function of cane sugar as a balancer to the taste of food. The selection of quality raw materials, especially block coconut sugar, will affect the taste and quality of soy sauce. If you are a sweet soy sauce factory owner who wants to buy quality blocks of coconut sugar, then CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa could be an option.

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an organic coconut sugar manufacturer which also acts as a supplier of block coconut sugar. Coconut sugar products are the best-selling products that CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa offers. They have an organic coconut sugar factory that has been certified EU and USDA organic by the Control Union. Apart from that, the process of making coconut sugar has gone through a food safety management system (HACCP), Halal and KOSHER. BASFOOD supplies blocks of coconut sugar to several companies in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, and China. The price of block coconut sugar is also cheaper because it is produced directly from their coconut sugar factory. So that buyers of coconut sugar can get factory prices for efficient costs of raw materials for making their products.

BASFOOD also collaborates with brokers and traders of coconut sugar to distribute coconut sugar to all importers in the world. If you are interested in BASFOOD coconut sugar products, immediately contact their marketing executive using the following link.

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