Bulk coconut palm sugar – There are two types of brown sugar, each of which has a different composition. The two types of brown sugar in question are coconut palm sugar and arenga palm sugar. These two natural sweeteners have benefits as natural sweeteners for food and drinks, both on a household and industrial scale. It’s not difficult to differentiate between the two, just by looking at the name you’ll know. Coconut Palm Sugar is a brown sugar produced from coconut sap, while Arenga palm sugar is produced from palm sap. A Coconut trees and palm trees are not the same even though they are still in the same family as the Arecaceae.

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Coconut palm sugar has a brownish-yellow to dark brown color with a delicious typical coconut aroma. Some coconut palm sugar products also have a unique color, namely golden yellow, usually called blonde coconut sugar or golden coconut sugar. This type of coconut sugar can only be found when coconut sap is harvested during the summer. Usually, coconut sap that is harvested during the rainy season will tend to produce dark coconut sugar. Golden coconut sugar does not significantly affect the color, unlike dark brown coconut sugar. However, the taste and aroma are not significantly different.

Arenga Palm Sugar has a different color from coconut sugar because the color is redder to reddish brown. The aroma of arenga palm sugar is also smokier than coconut sugar, because of the palm sap burning process. Palm sugar is very suitable as a sweetener for food and drinks with a strong level of sweetness. Apart from that, palm sugar also adds a softer and thicker texture to the liquid. The caramel taste of palm sugar is more pronounced than coconut sugar, which tends to be more savory. However, these two sugars are sweeteners that have the potential to replace the use of cane sugar in the food and beverage industry.

Buy Bulk Coconut Palm Sugar

Food and beverage manufacturers are starting to replace their product sweeteners with bulk coconut palm sugar and arenga palm sugar. This can certainly increase the value of the products they produce in the eyes of consumers. Coconut sugar and palm sugar feel more premium because the price is 2-3 times more expensive than cane sugar. Apart from that, the low glycemic index title can also attract the interest of buyers who want to consume “healthier products”. Just contact the bulk coconut palm sugar supplier to get the cheapest coconut sugar at wholesale prices.

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