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Coconut Sugar Better Than Cane Sugar?

Is coconut sugar better than cane sugar as a sweetener for food and drinks? Maybe some people believe that coconut sugar is better than cane sugar as a sweetener for daily food and drinks. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index compared to cane sugar which does not have a “healthy sugar” label. The glycemic index is an indicator of how quickly or slowly a food releases glucose into the blood. If glucose is released quickly and instantly into the blood it will result in an instant spike in blood sugar. Meanwhile, foods with a low glycemic index can release glucose slowly or gradually into the blood. This is what makes people believe that coconut sugar is safe for consumption by diabetics.

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Coconut Sugar Better than ……?

However, in daily use, it cannot be “perfect” as a food and beverage sweetener. It has a yellowish-brown to dark brown color resulting from the extraction of cooked coconut sap. This can interfere with the aesthetics of food and drinks that should have a special color, such as white, yellow, or red. The brown color of this sugar is a natural color that can make food and drinks “murky”. However, this sugar will be perfect if it is used as a sweetener and coloring for bread, cakes, and other drinks that use chocolate or coffee. Especially for food and drinks that require a deep brown color, it can be a good natural coloring.

In addition, it contains several minerals and vitamins that many people believe are not found in cane sugar. Several vitamins and minerals make it an idol for older people. Many people believe that consuming coconut sugar can prevent Alzheimer’s in old age. Another thing, the delicious aroma of this sugar can also be used as aromatherapy to stimulate appetite.

Several advantages of it make coconut sugar better than cane sugar. However, behind this “perfection,” this sugar cannot be used in certain foods and drinks that have special colors. This is different from granulated sugar which has a neutral color that does not change the color of food and drinks when used. Apart from that, the price of sugar cane is cheaper than brown sugar.

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