Organic coconut flour – Coconut meat produces a variety of food products that taste delicious. Desiccated coconut, coconut chips, and coconut flour are products produced from fresh coconut meat. This coconut meat product can be organic and non-organic (without an organic certificate). All of these coconut meat products have a delicious taste and contain coconut milk that can still be enjoyed. The savory, slightly sweet taste and strong coconut aroma are the characteristics of products made from coconut meat. One product that is used for food production in the form of cakes and bread is organic coconut flour. Coconut flour is a coconut product of choice that is also widely used besides coconut sugar for low-sugar diets.

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Use Organic Coconut Flour

This delicious product from coconuts can be used as a substitute for wheat which has high gluten levels. Organic coconut flour has low gluten levels compared to wheat and other flour. So all products that use coconut flour can be the right alternative for the keto diet. Food products that use coconut flour should not be fried, but baked or oven. Because coconut flour contains coconut oil, it doesn’t need to be fried using other oil. The use of coconut flour is usually followed by the use of desiccated coconut and coconut sugar as a complement. The combination of these coconut product makes foods such as cookies and cakes even more delicious, full of coconut flavor.

Famous foods from France such as French baguette, coconut macaron, and French coconut pie use coconut flour as the raw ingredient. Almost everyone who likes French cuisine and Western food knows this world-famous food. Apart from that, there are still klaapertaart from the Netherlands, and muffins from England are also modified using coconut flour. The combination of the taste of coconut flour in cakes and bread is in line with the taste of delicious and luxurious European food.

If organic coconut flour is used in any other organic food menu such as organic snacks, it will certainly be more perfect. This organic food will have a delicious taste but is low in gluten so that the drinker’s weight is maintained.

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