Organic Coconut Sugar Plantation in Java Island

Organic coconut farmers – The organic value of coconut sugar is absolute as a plant product that has an organic certificate. Not just recognition, but the process of preparing organic land and caring for organic coconut trees. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an organic coconut sugar exporter company that has certified organic coconut sugar products. Their organic coconut sugar products have been certified by the EU and USDA from the Control Union with CU number 847432. As the owner of an organic coconut sugar factory, it is certainly not an easy thing to start this organic coconut sugar business. Their first step as an organic coconut sugar producer was collaborating with organic coconut farmers on the southern coast of Java. Starting from selecting and preparing organic plantation land to caring for organic coconut trees.

BASFOOD and Organic Coconut Farmers

BASFOOD and organic coconut farmers select and prepare coconut plantation land far from urban areas. The choice of location for this organic coconut plantation took careful consideration regarding the air and water quality of the coconut plantation. They believe that choosing a plantation location that has clean air will improve the quality of the coconut trees. A water source that is clean and free from chemical contamination will extend the productivity of coconut trees. Because good quality water will produce high-quality, clear, and abundant coconut flower juice (coconut sap). This is because coconut sap is the only important type of organic coconut sugar raw material. If the quality of coconut sap is poor, it will produce coconut sugar that is not of good quality.

With increased organic knowledge provided by Control Union, BASFOOD educates farmers about the importance of organics. BASFOOD carries out CSR activities for organic coconut farmers to maintain the organicity of plantation land. Apart from that, the organicity of coconut trees is maintained by not using chemicals as fertilizer. The use of natural water as a water source for watering coconut trees has also been carried out. The organic application of BASFOOD coconut sugar products continues through the harvesting process, sugar making, packaging, and delivery. All processes are carried out by the Control Union’s organizational rules, which end with the creation of a Transaction Certificate (TC).

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has thought of big steps to maintain the organicity of its coconut sugar. So that consumer confidence in their organic coconut sugar is maintained.

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