What is Coconut Sugar?

Supplier of Coconut SugarCoconut sugar is a natural sweetener made from coconut flower stems called coconut sap. Coconut trees produce endless essence of coconut flowers, especially if coconut flowers grow on fertile land. In the process of making coconut sugar, coconut sap must be cooked until it thickens and produces coconut sugar. Usually, farmers add natural auxiliary materials such as mangosteen skin and jackfruit chips as natural preservatives. In addition, the two supporting ingredients make coconut sugar thicken and harden faster. The result of coconut sap processing produces thick coconut sugar liquid which is then processed into various coconut sugar products. Coconut sugar producers process it into granulated coconut sugar, liquid coconut sugar, and mold coconut sugar.


Supplier of Coconut Sugar

About The Sugar

Some people cannot tell the difference between coconut sugar and palm sugar. Coconut Sugar has a special characteristic in its color which is brownish yellow to dark brown. The color is not too red like the color of palm sugar which is brownish red. Another characteristic of coconut sugar is its sweet and savory taste, it’s a little difficult to distinguish it from palm sugar. However, palm sugar has a sweeter, more concentrated taste than coconut sugar.

The superiority of coconut sugar which has a low glycemic index makes it different from other sweeteners. The low Glycemic Index is a benchmark for how safe sweeteners can be consumed based on glycemic levels. Many people believe that coconut sugar is “healthier” than other sweeteners. Until they claim diabetics can consume coconut sugar safely at certain limits.

Coconut Sugar Products Form

Granular Coconut Sugar
Powdered coconut sugar is a food and beverage sweetener product that is practical to use. The form of granules and powder easily dissolves into food and drinks, even though it has low water content. The price of granulated coconut sugar is quite cheap, ranging from USD 2 – 2.5 for a 250g -500g pack.

Liquid Coconut Sugar
Liquid coconut sugar products have another name for coconut sugar syrup or coconut nectar. This can not be separated from its shape in the form of a viscous brownish-yellow liquid. Some people call it vegan honey because the color is similar to honey. In addition, coconut sugar syrup has the benefit of helping the keto diet because it has a low glycemic index.

Mold Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar manufacturers print ripe coconut sap into printed coconut sugar on coconut shells. This sugar usually has an eclipse shape or a half circle resembling a coconut shell. Several other coconut sugar producers print coconut sugar on bamboo sticks, forming a tube. Mold coconut sugar melts more easily because it has a fairly high water content compared to granulated coconut sugar.

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