BASFOOD better known as CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is one of the coconut sugar exporting companies in Indonesia. They have an administrative office in Semarang City, while the organic coconut sugar factory is in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. This company was founded in 2013 as a producer and exporter of organic coconut sugar. Apart from that, they also provide other coconut products such as molded coconut sugar, coconut fiber, and coconut shell charcoal briquette. However, as time goes by, the demand for coconut sugar exports exceeds the demand for other coconut products. Since then BASFOOD has focused on exporting organic coconut sugar and conventional coconut sugar.

CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa Coconut Sugar Supplier

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa as Coconut Sugar Producer

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa’s commitment to making high-standard coconut sugar products begins with the creation of organic coconut sugar certification. They collaborated with the Control Union to carry out organic certification for the EU (Europe) and USDA (America). Finally, they got an organic coconut sugar certificate number with CU number 847432 which can be checked on the Control Union website. Apart from organic certification, they also implement the HACCP, Halal, and KOSHER food safety management systems. This certificate can convince coconut sugar buyers that the coconut sugar they buy is suitable and safe for human consumption.

As CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa’s business developed, and they began to add secondary products other than coconut sugar. They provide coconut products such as Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Fiber, Coconut Chips, and Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette. Apart from that, there are also organic coconut oil products in the form of Virgin Coconut Oil and refined coconut oil in the form of RBC Coconut Oil. If buyers buy raw coconut oil, they also provide Crude Coconut Oil as raw material for Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate.

CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa sells coconut sugar and coconut products at wholesale or factory prices. This is because they have their organic coconut sugar factory, in addition to support from local coconut farmers to supply their coconut products. If you want to buy bulk coconut sugar for your business needs, BASFOOD is one of the recommendations you need to contact. They provide samples that can be sent before ordering according to the buyer’s request. Apart from that, buyers can also visit the BASFOOD organic coconut sugar factory in Kulon Progo – Yogyakarta.


The following is the location of the BASFOOD Organic Coconut Sugar Factory :

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