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Arenga Palm Sugar Supplier

Arenga Palm Sugar Supplier – What is this sugar that has a reddish brown color with a smoky aroma and tastes delicious? Maybe Arenga Palm Sugar is the answer. Arenga Palm Sugar or palm sugar is a natural sugar produced from the flower essence of palm trees. Palm tree flower juice produces a white liquid that has a sweet taste, this liquid is called palm sap. Palm sap is then cooked in a large stove over burning wood embers until it boils. During the cooking process, the water content in the sap will evaporate until it thickens. The result of this evaporation will become liquid palm sugar. From this thick solution, palm sugar products are produced such as granulated palm sugar, molded palm sugar, and liquid palm sugar.

Arenga Palm Sugar Supplier


Palm Sugar Producers

These sweetener products have high economic value as delicious sweeteners for food and drinks. Many people use this sweetener to make delicious traditional foods and drinks. Because palm sugar has been around since ancient times, several countries in Southeast Asia have inherited this sugar from their ancestors. In Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, sugar is an export commodity. Many palm sugar producers from there export this sweetener to Europe, America, and Africa. One of the palm sugar exporting companies that has been exporting palm sugar for a long time is CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD).

CV. Bonafide Anugaerah Sentosa is a supplier of coconut sugar and an exporter of coconut products from Indonesia. They have carried out export activities since 2013 until now they have reached 30 countries in the world. Organic coconut sugar products are the best-selling products besides palm sugar in granule form and molded palm sugar. BASFOOD has an extensive business network extending to Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Apart from that, they are suppliers of palm sugar for several food companies in Argentina and Brazil.

Reliable Arenga Palm Sugar Supplier

If you want to buy bulk arenga palm sugar at a cheap price, then BASFOOD can be a recommendation. Purchasing coconut sugar and palm sugar online can be done via Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon. They have been Alibaba’s Gold Supplier for the last 10 years. The credibility of CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa as a leading of arenga palm sugar supplier is certainly an added value for the coconut sugar business. Contact BASFOOD marketing to get the best price offer.

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