Benefits of Palm Sugar – According to Jeff Gunnent; In his book Plant Culture Perma (2004), One of the elements of palm sugar functions to control and cleanse the digestive tract, starting from the stomach and throat. For Palm Sugar itself contains Reboflovin, which accelerates metabolism, thereby optimizing the function of fixed cells. very good stamina.

It turns out that the benefits of palm sugar are more, so it’s better for us to consume more palm sugar than now. Palm sugar has a glycemic index which means the safest is 35. Palm sugar is slowly converted into glucose so that the pancreas does not have to work hard to produce more insulin. This situation has light pancreatic work so that its condition and function are maintained properly.

Benefits of Palm Sugar for Health:

  1. Sufferers of Decreased Immune System (Immunity)
  2. People with Epilepsy
  3. Diabetic Patients
  4. Patients with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  5. Patients with High Cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia)
  6. Ulcer Sufferers
  7. Uric Acid Sufferers
  8. Rheumatic Sufferers
  9. Go Wind
  10. Sufferers of Osteoporosis (porous bones)
  11. Asthmatics
  12. Anemia sufferers
  13. Symptoms of Kidney Patients
  14. Insomnia sufferers
  15. People Cough
  16. Cancer Patient
  17. Sufferers of Throat Disorders
  18. Headache sufferers
  19. Obesity

From the Benefits of Palm Sugar for Health how important it is for us to determine what are the ingredients and what are the benefits of what we eat in our daily lives, healthy food is needed by the human body, starting a healthy life by consuming healthy food.

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