Coconut is one of the natural products that has many uses for consumption and industry. And one of the results of coconut processing is coconut oil, coconut oil is one type of material that is much needed in the oil-based industry.
RBD coconut oil is one type of oil that can be produced from coconuts. RBD Coconut Oil is a light yellow liquid and would change into a semi-solid in room temperature. For Crude Coconut Oil to be suitable for consumption, it must be refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD). The refining process is further used in many industries, such as cosmetics, soaps, oleo chemicals, food, resin and many others.
We are a supplier of RBD coconut oil from Indonesia. We supply premium quality RBD coconut oil with bulk packaging such as jerry cans, drums, IBC totes and flexi tanks. Our RBD coconut oil is processed to a high standard to guarantee quality and buyer satisfaction. We provide conventional and organic RBD coconut oil with very competitive prices.
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