Why Choose Coconut Sugar to Your Recipe

coconut sugar for cookies

Coconut sugar is richest natural sweetener. The flavor is amazing. The nectar of the flowers is collected and air-dried to form a crystalline sugar, dark brown in color. But while other low-glycemic sweeteners like raw honey or stevia provide a low-or no-calorie alternative that does not affect blood sugar, sometimes the levels of fructose found in many of these low-glycemic sweeteners such as agave syrup, which has more fructose than sugar, can be just as bad for you.
Coconut trees can produce an average of 50-75% more sugar per acre than sugar cane. And it is considered a low glycemic index food, meaning that the sugars take time to get into your bloodstream, they are slowly absorbed, as opposed to refined sugar which increases your blood sugar levels rapidly; and then will quickly drop off. Like ordinary sugar it can contribute to tooth decay and obesity.
Coconut sugar is actually made up of sucrose, with small amounts of glucose and fructose. It is considered an acceptable sweetener for those with diabetes because of the way that it breaks down in the body.  As the information that you need to know, One teaspoon of coconut sugar contains 11 calories and 3 carbohydrates Compared to white sugar that contains 16 calories per teaspoon and 5 carbohydrates. So you can choose which sugars are healthier.

No one denies that coconut sugar is the best for cooking. Coconut sugar can replace cane sugar, brown sugar for the better in the recipe. Coconut sugar also contains vitamin B12, and has a high level of iron, plus it contains just 3.1g of fructose per 100g. Another reason to buy and use palm sugar is to have a water content of only 1.5%, this means palm sugar can be stored for long periods in an airtight container.
Because it has a very soft texture then it would be perfect for use in any recipe to replace cane sugar or brown sugar. This works well for recipes like bread, muffins and brownies, or cookies using browned butter. Add vanilla and melted-chocolate mixture; beat 1 minute more. There are many options sweetener for use in the recipe, but the coconut sugar is the best for cooking because it has the added value of which is low glycemix, rich in vitamins and nutrients.

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