Healthy Of Coconut Sugar

conventional coconut sugar manufacture

Coconut sugar is not a new kind of sweetener, it has long been used by many people in Indonesia and the Philippines since hundreds of years ago. But lately, coconut sugar be phenomenal because based on the research, this is the type of sweetener that is environmentally friendly and healthy.
Coconut sugar isn’t actually made from the coconut it self.  The sugar comes from the sap of blossoms found on the coconut tree that is then heated until much of the water has evaporated. Coconut sugar is slightly brown in color, and tastes very similar to brown sugar with a strong hint of caramel to it. The taste of coconut sugar may vary because it is not processed and the taste is entirely dependent on the sap of the coconut. Compared with many other sweeteners, nutritional content of coconut sugar is better. So do not be surprised if the sugar palm increasingly popular as an alternative sweetener substitute.
Here is a comparison table of nutrients including coconut sugar with the other.

conventional coconuy sugar

We are the manufacturer and seller of conventional / non organic coconut sugar / natural coconut sugar reliable from Indonesia. Although our products are said to be  conventional coconut sugar / non-organic coconut sugar, but to the manufacturing process is the use of organic ingredients. We named the non-organic coconut sugar because we can not have organic certification for our entire coconut trees. And only a small part of our garden that has been certified organic. But for the manufacturing process of all our coconut sugar always using natural materials. So the difference is only in the organic certificate.

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